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Stack of aluminum sheets
March 13, 2018

Aluminized Steel: Combining the Power of Aluminum and Steel for a Better Material

Both aluminum and steel are ideal manufacturing materials; aluminum boasts extreme resistance to corrosion, while steel is notable for its superior strength. They both have weaknesses, however. For instance, carbon steel does not have enough chromium to create an oxide layer that would protect it from rust. Meanwhile, pure aluminum is much weaker than steel. Metallurgists […]

March 9, 2018

Stronger Building Structures Need the Right Kind of Steel

From simple houses to grand skyscrapers, steel will always be a preferred material in construction projects. A versatile material, steel gives designers the freedom to develop flexible designs without compromising structural integrity. If you are planning your next building project, steel will most likely be part of the needed materials. Its reputation as one of […]

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How We Test and Verify Your Steel
February 15, 2018

VIDEO: How We Test and Verify Your Steel in 2018.

A Glimpse at Hascall’s In-House Steel Testing Lab: We’ve been working hard to renew our focus on educating our customers on the systems and processes that you put your trust in for your steel every day. Recently, we spent some time filming our lab technicians doing what they do best – test and verify the […]

Steel Industry News Hascall Steel
February 8, 2018

Hot and Cold: Flat Rolled Steel Properties and Uses

Steel processing is as complex as it is useful. The variety of uses of this metal material depends on how it was processed. Key applications range from house frames to machinery parts, or even railways and appliances when combined with other metals. One of the processed steel types is flat steel. Flat steel products are made of steel sheets and […]

Hascall Steel Company
Steel Blanker Operation
January 12, 2018

Video: Steel Blanker Operation at Hascall Steel Company

Take a look at our Precision Steel Blanker. Through a renewed focus on educating and informing our customers, we recently filmed our steel blanking operation, specially designed to produce steel sheets and blanks to your exact specifications. Our steel blanking operation is a flagship process here at Hascall. First, we start with a master steel coil that […]

Hascall Steel Company
Steel Slitter Operation
January 12, 2018

Video: Steel Slitter Operation at Hascall Steel Company

Take a look at our Precision Steel Slitter. We recently took some time to film our precision steel slitter, one of our flagship steel processing techniques, to demonstrate how we ensure your slit steel meets the needs of your order. For over 45 years, we’ve refined our steel slitting process to be able to handle […]

January 8, 2018

Industries with the Most Steel Applications

Steel’s remarkable material strength and versatility propelled the growth of numerous other industries both in the United States and throughout the world. With its variety of properties and forms — form high-temperature plates to flat carbon products — steel offers a spectrum of applications in various fields, particularly in modern heavy industries. Out of all […]

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Volunteering Day with the Boys & Girls Club
Internal News
July 27, 2017

Volunteering Day with the Boys & Girls Club

It’s important to our Hascall family to not only serve our customers but to serve our community. Recently our team spent the day at the Steil location of the Boys & Girls Club. Papa John’s Pizza in Eastown of Grand Rapids had also graciously donated the pizza we served for the youth. Time spent volunteering […]

steel grades testing rockwell
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4 Common Steel Grades Explained
Steel Information
July 12, 2017

4 Common Steel Grades Explained

If you work in the steel industry, you understand that there are all sorts of varieties of steel used for a myriad of applications. Because of these varying applications and products, steel’s HARDNESS (as measured on the ROCKWELL SCALE) should fit the needs of the finished product. To find the best fit for the job, […]

ISO certification
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How our ISO Quality System Registration Helps Hascall Produce Quality Steel
Steel Information
June 6, 2017

How our ISO Quality System Registration Helps Hascall Produce Quality Steel

Before Quality System registrations, there was a sort of “buyer beware” mentality in the manufacturing environment. 1994 brought the first standard quality system initiated by the automotive manufacturing governing boards to wrangle in the wild west of manufacturing that was occurring at the time.  That standard, commonly known as QS-9000 was created to control production […]


At Hascall Steel we understand that part of being an expert is being able to tailor steel to your needs. With that in mind there are some key areas that will help us fulfill your steel order in a way that is best suited to your company’s capacities. By working with our sales team, we can adjust several aspects of your order to make things easier for your team members. Next are some areas to keep in mind that can improve efficiency and quality.


Often customers place an order with the following basic information: Quantity/Gauge/Width/Length/Steel Type…

However there are quite a few QUALIFIERS that will help us all get the best value from the informational exchange.


When discussing material with our Sales Team, be sure to include tolerances for your gauge, width, and length (if applicable). In some cases, Hascall can meet tolerances as low as +/-.001 on gauge, +/-.003 on width, and +/-.015 on length. Specifications – Many steel specifications come with sub categories that can alter chemistries and mechanical boundaries. Be sure to have the full specification when ordering or talk with your sales representative to discuss options.


Proper packaging can help reduce unloading and production time. ID – We offer ID sizes in 16”, 20”, and 24” OD – We are able to provide OD sizes up to 72” Skidding – Standard or custom skidding available, just let us know how you would like your material skidded to best meet your equipment needs.
Paper – Protective paper is standard on all orders but can be applied with standard or full wrapping both with and without Hascall Logos. Max Coil and Skid Weight – Coils can be adjusted to meet your max lift and coil capacities.
Offloading – Material can be shipped skidded or standing and set for Forklift on the side or the rear of the bed. Material can also be shipped ready for sheet lifter or overhead crane offload.


Steel is only good if it gets there when you need it. At Hascall we have an experienced Logistics team that will ensure that your steel arrives on time in the way that best suits your needs. Whether you would like delivery via our in-house Steel Man Transportation service or if you would like to pick up your material personally, our team can set up appointments that meet your schedule. Our Logistics team can also arrange a 3rd party carrier if needed. Delivery dates, times, and address should be discussed with your Sales Representative prior to ordering.


And lastly, we know each customer is unique. There may be special requests that we would love to accommodate. These may range from a sample of the steel attached to the packaging, to increased tag requirements and frequencies. We are happy to work with you in order to be your trusted choice in slit steel coil and blanks.