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At Hascall Steel Company, we know trust isn’t earned easily. Trust is earned when you’ve proven to be reliable in even the most challenging of circumstances. From our expert technicians on our production lines and in our testing lab to the professionals in the office planning shipping routes; each member of our team pays attention to every detail – so you get exactly what steel services you need, exactly when you need them.

Our sales team will listen to your steel service needs and offer working solutions. Our customers know we care because we take the time to understand what’s essential to achieve success. With Hascall Steel, we’re not just your steel service center, we’re your steel partner. And our process is about making yours easier. We don’t just offer products and services, we offer solutions!

Why Hascall

For over 45 years, our customers have relied on us when it comes to their flat-rolled steel needs. Whether it’s slit steel, blanked steel, steel that is cut-to-length, edge conditioned steel, cold reduced steel, or sheared steel; we pride ourselves on our steel processing expertise and our commitment to quality. Every lift of steel that leaves our building has gone through rigorous quality testing to make certain the steel product you’ve ordered is exactly what you need it to be, every time.

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Steel Services

Because of our strong partnerships with steel producers & suppliers both domestically and across the world, we are able to offer competitive prices and ensure availability of our most in-demand products & steel services. Hascall Steel carries one of the most diverse and versatile inventories in the business. Our customers know that we can find whatever they are looking for. This not only means we’re likely to have the steel product you’re always in need of, but we’ll probably have that harder to find gauge or size as well. Which also means you can make one phone call and get the type of steel you need for any application.

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Since 1971 we’ve been committed to displaying our commitment to excellence while utilizing our expertise with every truckload of steel. Family owned and operated, Hascall Steel Co. has put dedication to detail and precision at the forefront of steel processing services for over four decades. Our steel tells the story of our drive for quality. And our service to you, our customer, is a reflection of our heritage. We treat our employees, customers, and suppliers as part of our family!

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